"...When it comes to art, there is something to be said for not really knowing what your doing but plowing ahead boldly anyway..." Tienne Rei

wedding Image   Tienne Rei Kollars currently lives with her family in Southern Illinois.

She was married to her husband Mike on the Outer Banks of North Carolina in 2001 and hopes to eventually make a permanent move to the coast.

Tienne graduated with a Bachelors of University studies from the University of New Mexico in 2002, where she studied costume design and technical theater.  Tienne's love of costume design and ornament still play a large role in many of her designs. 


After college Tienne worked in graphic and web design, even running a web based wedding business, before finally geting back into painting in 2003.

Tienne started out as an 'e-bay' artist but quickly realized she needed a better venue for her work. In 2005 she started to sell her paintings via local galleries and shows.  (Tienne no longer sells on e-bay unless its for a charitable auction.)

In 2009 Tienne gave birth to two beautiful  twin boys, Hunter and Jaden. (It's very possible that Tienne may have watched waaaay to much sci fi while pregnant) 
Hunter and Jaden

Mostly self-taught in oil painting, Tienne credits her own lack of knowledge in traditional oil technique as the main reason that she developed her current style.  Regarding her lack of formal training Tienne says,  "If I had been trained classically, I'm not sure I would have ever developed my unique style of oil painting. When it comes to art there is something to be said for not really knowing what you are doing and plowing ahead boldly anyway."

Tienne's work has been on display at various shows and galleries including the Art Lovers Gallery in Carbondale IL, The Alliance Gallery in Hannibal MO, Blue Hill Winery in Southern Illinois, Rend Lake College in Ina Illinois, and at the Dragon Con art show in Atlanta GA.   She has also participated in a variety of art fairs including the Wells Street Art Festival In Chicago, Art in the Park in Quincy Il, and Cedarhurst arts and crafts fair in Mount Vernon Illinois. 

Having previously taught oil painting through John A. Logan colleges, Department of Continueing Ed, Tienne currently teaches private art lessons.  She is also available for demonstrations and lectures.